Joining the Google chat room

Time estimate: 30 mins.

As I explained in video 2 in the orientation module I want to find a way for all of us to connect as a group, without the need to rely on mainstream social media platforms, because they may not be available to all our students. I would love to find a way that does not involve Google, but due to my limitations this semester, I don’t have the time to dedicate to a self-built, self-hosted forum, so we will use a simple Google chat room.

You have already been invited to the room, and now is your time to check in and introduce yourself.

  • join the room from the e-mail invitation you received from me
    • if you misplaced that, follow these instructions to find the rooms you have been invited to
    • note that you must use your Muhlenberg e-mail address; if you want to change this, let me know as soon as reasonable.
  • write a self introduction of approximately 150 words:
    • Stuck for ideas? Favorite food, why are you interested in this course, any experience with Asia, pets, sports, music, book you read most recently and would recommend, most boring fact about you,…
  • Feel free to try out other things, such as files and tasks, or starting a new thread. Pictures and videos of pets are always welcome, and the pets are always welcome on Zoom too!
  • you can use the room to check in on due dates, Zoom links, quick questions, or just have fun if you found or made a great Chinese history meme. This is your space, to help you make the most of the course, and if at all possible to make it fun.

Declaration (aka how to get your points)

When you are done, read this Declaration carefully, and head on over to Canvas to fill out the Declaration Quiz (<–click on the link):

– I checked out the Google chat room
– I posted a self-introduction of appr. 150 words.
– I read and gave a thumbs up/reaction to the introductions of at least two fellow students.

You can then head over to the next task: setting up

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