How to create a post?

Logging in:

  1. Type the website url and add /login (including the /) at the end:
  2. Fill out your website password in the box that pops up (password may be different from your Muhlenberg main password)
  3. If you really cannot remember your password and cannot recover, let me know: I can reset it.

Creating a post:

Posting on WordPress is very easy! It is similar to writing in a word processor (MS Word, Google Doc), and with a few tweaks you can enter links to other webpages, images, and even embed multimedia if you choose. has a very useful course on WordPress, with this brief video on how to create a new post and a few other useful videos on how to create links, for instance. Please check there, and with the Digital Learning team in the Hive if you have problems working with WordPress.

In addition to writing your post, you must make sure to tick the category “summary”, so your post will automatically appear on the page with Summaries. On the right or under the editor window, you will see a “Categories” box. Click on “summary”, then save your your draft, or publish your post.

Menu bar in “create/edit” post with available Categories

If you want, you can let the whole web see your post. But you may choose to add a password to the post. You do this via the “Quick Edit” menu. Click on Posts/All posts:

Posts/All posts in the left-hand menu

In the list that appears, pick your post and hover over the title of your post. You will see several options appear immediately under the title. Click on “Quick edit”

Quick edit appears when you hover with the mouse/cursor over the title of your post.

Then add the password for our course (see Canvas) to the box “password” and click Update (blue button on the right).

Quick edit gives you access to the password feature for individual posts, and a few other handy features.

Don’t forget to check if your post displays correctly in the list of summaries. If you want to check quickly if the password protection is working: surf to your post using your phone’s cellular data (not using the bergwifi network).