How to add points and areas to the map

  1. Head on over the the collective map on Google maps (link shared via Canvas). Use your Muhlenberg Google account to access.
  2. Search for the location with the search box, if you have a present-day location to work with.
    Screenshot of MyMaps search box
    Searching using the search box (if you have a modern day place name)


  3. Click “add to map”
  4. Click on the little pencil to edit the information, and add some text how that location connects.
    • Remember you can change the icon and the color, if you want to differentiate your points from the blue markers I used.
    • You can also add or embed photos, videos and links.
  5. You can also find a location on the map, and drop a pin after zooming in on the exact area: click the little point-marker icon (highlighted in grey under the search box in the picture below)

    Drop a pin: use the point-marker tool
  6. For areas: Use the little line-drawing tool next to the pin, and connect the lines. (A click of the mouse marks creates a corner in the line)
    • Add information using the “edit” pencil icon as described in step 4.
  7. That’s it! The map on the website will automatically update as you change information. Refresh/reload the website map page if you don’t see the changes yet.