How to create the timeline entries

You do not need to do anything on the webpage for the timeline. Everything is run through a shared Googlesheet, hosted on my G-drive.

  1. Go to the spreadsheet (link posted on Canvas for safekeeping).
  2. Leave no empty rows: add your entry immediately after the previous one.
  3. Add the starting point, or time of event in column A (you can add the month, day and even exact time if you know them, check the headings of the columns).
    • If you choose a timespan, you can add the end-date.
  4. Choose a brief, descriptive headline (not a Buzzfeed clickbait title!) in column J.
  5. Add a few lines of text explaining the event in column K.
  6. If you find a picture, video, or web link you want to use, you can add the URL to column L.
    • Don’t forget to add the “Media Credit” (for copy-right reasons).
  7. Provide a brief caption for the picture, video or other media you inserted, in column N.
  8. When your additions on the sheet are saved on the G-drive, you can refresh the website page with the timeline, and it should update with the new material now added.
  9. If you have any problems, please check in with the Digital Learning Assistants in the Hive in the basement of Ettinger.