14.4 Official Statement by the Guomindang, April 1927 (p.252)

This official statement describes how the Guomindang party wants to improve. The Guomindang have not yet accomplished their goals of the revolution, it says that they are just getting started. A united mind is the key to a successful revolution, standing together is very nationalistic so it suits the Guomindang. Their main goals are liberty and equality for the Chinese nation. Dr. Sun Yat-sen (leader till 1925) admitted members of the communists into the Guomindang. However, since the start of the Northern Expedition (a military campaign against other parties) the communists took advantage of the Guomindang success. The ‘’faction’’ of communists within the party, kept using their communistic propaganda trying to influence people with their own beliefs and try to take over the power in the party. They didn’t want to let go of their communistic thoughts. Also, opportunists in the party tried to break up the party with their own personal activities. In order to succeed the party shouldn’t be divided. So, the Guomindang wanted to purge the communists. This primary source doesn’t talk about how superior the Guomindang military was, and that it was strengthened by the Soviets but it is important to know that, that was one of the reasons why they were so powerful. An interesting fact is that during the time this primary source was written Chiang Kai Shek also formed his own government in Nanjing. What happened after this statement was that the abandoned communists were getting support from Stalin and their goal was to lead the suppressed peasants together with a firm political economic base. It is interesting to read this statement, because it is an insight view of what the Guomindang were planning before they actually started doing it and you know what happened after. It is kind of like you are able to travel through time when you read it now, because you know what happened after.


This primary source was published within days of the start of the executions of Communists. It is unknown when exactly in April this source was written. I believe it was before April 12thbecause that was when Guomindang troops killed workers that participated in a strike, the strike was organized by the General Labor Union, which was led by the CCP. This organization was also declared illegal, so this seems like something the Guomindang did to purge the communists. In this statement, it says that they wanted to get rid of the communists, so it would make sense that this happened after this statement was written.


What would happen if the Guomindang did not try to purge the communists, but try to work with them together? Explain why this would of wouldn’t be possible.

What problems did the Guomindang face after they defused the power of the communist party and why were they harder to solve?


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