Primary Source 13.2

Li Dazhao: “The Victory of Bolshevism.” 1918

In Li Dazhao: “The Victory of Bolshevism,” 1918 this section relies on Li Dazhao’s views and is him speaking about the end of WWI and what its outcomes came from it and what to expect for the future. For a little bit of background Li Dazhao is one of the co-founders of the Chinese communist party. He was also a professor of philosophy and the chief librarian at the Peking University.

In this he discusses the allied victory of WWI while side by side comparing it to people in China taking credit for victory with nothing to do with the war. He says that many politicians are hacks looking to promote themselves, while many military leaders are taking claim to the victory without having led a single troop into battle.

He later went on to talk about where the victory of this war even really lied. He said it was a victory for “humanitarianism, pacifism, socialism, and democracy. This seems really good, but he would later write that “in the future from powerful countries to imperialistic countries.” This is in tangent with Sun Yat-Sen who said that all this fighting came down to “nothing but four words: self-fishiness, slaughter, shamelessness, and corruption. He said that because many of the Social Darwinists in the United states would not strive for anything more after this.

In the chapter is says Russia is about to have a leap while France Britain and Germany had their time and were now either sinking or about to fall.

By the end of doc collection section, I read Li Dazhao spoke of a world filled with red flags and seemed to have an optimistic view for his desired future. He made an interesting comparison to the seasons changing saying “The Russian Revolution is the first fallen leaf that warns the world of the coming of autumn.” He also makes the comparison of enlightenment to Bolshevism and that is affects every member of mankind.

As we are about 100 years in the future many from these reading dreamt of a communist/socialist future based off of Marx’s studies and Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution. Was this future halted because of WWII making big tide changes in the future? On top of that was Li Dazhao aware of what these ideas would bring in the future and the consequences this may have?


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