Zhang Xueliang dies, aged 100

[Updated] I earlier posted this incorrectly that Zhang had died earlier this month. Erm. No- I encountered the obit earlier this month, but he passed away in 2001. Still a great read!

On Oct. 15 2001, Zhang Xueliang, the general who kidnapped Chiang Kaishek in the famous (infamous?) Xi’an incident passed away in Honolulu. He later became respected and honored for his risky action to try and create conditions that would bring an end to the civil war that was taking place in all but name between the Nationalist and Communist parties in China, while the Japanese were steadily occupying more and more of the country.

(He also had a bit of an affair with the daughter of Mussolini 👀 but that was before he took his duties more seriously.)

The New York Times published an obituary yesterday (Oct. 19). We have access to the NYT through Muhlenberg: Check out the details in this step-by-step guide.

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